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All new students should register with the USW Health Service, and anyone who has moved to a new area to attend university should also register with a local GP (doctor).

1. Register Online with the USW Health Service

All new USW students should register with the USW Health Service at the start of their course. This sets up a USW medical record and speeds up access to healthcare when needed. You can register online by clicking the register button below (you may be asked to log in). 

Registration uses the contact details that the University has stored for you. You should always keep your contact details up to date in case USW Health Service or the University needs to contact you.

Important: Registering with USW Health Service does NOT automatically register you with a GP. You also need to do that separately, see below.

2. GP Registration

(You need to do this even if you have already registered with USW Health Service.)

When you move to a new area it is important that you register with a local GP (doctor). Many student move away from home to attend university, and in this situation they should register with a doctor in the area they move to.

How you find a GP depends on where you live:

Registering with Ashgrove Surgery

Students living in the Treforest, Glyntaff or Pontypridd area should register with Ashgrove Surgery.

For help, see Patient Guidelines for Completing a Registration Form.

Online consultations

Once you are registered you will have access to Online E-Consultations, an online way of obtaining advice from your GP. To book an appointment at Ashgrove surgery  call 01443 404 444.

On-campus clinics

Ashgrove Surgery hold GP clinics on Treforest campus every other Wednesday. If you wish to book a GP appointment on campus please email email: [email protected] or telephone Ashgrove surgery on 01443 404 444 and specify you want an on campus appointment.

Repeat medication for pre existing health conditions

Patients on long term medication can order repeat prescriptions from Ashgrove Surgery  in the following ways:  

  • Online - This is the best and most convenient way to order your medication. You will need to download the MySurgery App first
  • If you have already done this   click here to order your prescription 
  • In person – drop your repeat slip (attached to your previous prescription) into to the surgery. Please ensure you carefully tick the items required. 
  • By post - Send it to us with a stamped self-addressed envelope if you want it posted back to you. 

If you are a new patient to Ashgrove surgery taking regular medication it is advisable to ensure that you have at least 1 months’ supply of your medication to bring to University with you to allow you time to arrange your repeat prescriptions with your new GP surgery.   

You will also need a copy of your repeat slip to give to Ashgrove surgery. Please drop your repeat slip off at the main surgery as soon as possible. The pharmacist will contact you if you need a review of your medication.

To register with a new GP you’ll need your NHS number, the name and address of your previous GP, proof of identity and a utility bill for your new address. You can find your NHS number by contacting your last GP surgery or on any repeat prescriptions or hospital letters you may have.

Whitchurch Road Surgery

We strongly recommend registering with Whitchurch Road Surgery, who we work closely with.

It’s easy to register with them using this online form.

Once registered with the practice, USW Health Service will be able to refer you for NHS services if needed, or you can make an appointment directly at the surgery with a GP or Practice Nurse. 

Other GPs in Cardiff

Screenshot of Health in Wales website homepage, indicating visually where to search for a GP surgery.

On the Health in Wales website's homepage, in the section 'Find Local Services',  enter your postcode and tick the box 'GP Surgeries' to search for a GP near your term-time address.


You will be shown a list of GP surgeries with the closest to your postcode listed first. Follow the links to find out more about each surgery including a link to their website. 

How to register

Some GP surgeries are part of a web service called Campus Doctor, which enables students to register with GPs online. You can find a list of these GP surgeries here, along with links to register.


If the GP you wish to register with is not on the Campus Doctor list, you will have to register directly with them. Consult the GP Surgery's website for how to register with them. The information you need may be under the heading 'register', 'registering', 'new patients', 'patient information', patient access', 'patient forms' or similar.

Here is a useful guide to help you complete registration form.

Doctors with languages other than English

You may want to register with a doctor who speaks another language in addition to English, for example Hindi or Welsh. To find out more details about doctors who are able to offer this, visit this webpage.

Bellevue Group Practice

USW Health Service has close links to Bellevue Group Practice.  If you live in the city centre or close to Newport campus you can register with them using the forms hereHere is a useful guide to help you complete registration form.

How to make appointments at Bellevue.

St Paul's Clinic

St Paul's Clinic is located in Newport city centre and is willing to register any student and possibly any family members living in either the city centre or the surrounding area of Newport.

You can access all the forms and information required to register yourself on their website.

If you wish to register a member of your family, or for any other issues, please contact them on 01633 266140. Make sure to tell them you are a student at USW.

Other GPs

Alternatively use Health in Wales to find the nearest surgery to your term time address and contact them to register. 

You’ll need your NHS number, the name and address of your previous GP, proof of identity and a utility bill for your new address. You can find your NHS number by contacting your last GP surgery or on any repeat prescriptions and  hospital letters you may have.