Meet the Team

The Department

We are a small team of two nurses that strive to help students develop new skills to empower themselves and become more responsible for their own health and wellbeing. We work with colleagues as  part of the Wellbeing Team and together we offer free advice and support relating to health, mental health and counselling to all USW Students. Whether it's on campus or off, a bit of a runny nose or something more serious, we're here to help you in the best way possible.

Bethan Rees 

Nurse Adviser

Bethan Rees

Hi! My name is Beth, I've worked for USW for almost 3 years, prior this I worked for the NHS in various departments, the Private sector and also for the Police. All of this experience has come in very handy for student health, in ways that would surprise you! Needless to say i'm not easily shocked or embarrassed. The feedback I value the most is students find me really easy to talk to and appreciate my straight talking approach.

I love the varied work that being at USW brings. In addition to dealing with injuries and illness one of the aspects of my job that I enjoy the most and feel is a vital part of our role is enabling and supporting students to learn to take responsibility and care of their own health and wellbeing.

  • Favourite sport : While my days of playing sport are sadly over I used to play roller derby and still enjoy supporting my old team and reliving my days spent on the track. Nowadays i'm a rugby mum and enjoy watching my son play as well as supporting my national team of course!
  • Secret vice: I am a bit of a petrolhead and enjoy driving, all legally of course!! oh and heels! Pretty high heels!
  • Current hair colour: Have gained a bit of a reputation for my ever changing hair colour. Since i've been at USW its been brown, platinum, a mix of different rainbow colours and pink. It is currently blonde....but watch this space: who knows what will be next!

Jan Griffiths

Nurse Adviser

Jan Griffiths - Senior Nurse

Hello, my name is Janice but I prefer to be called Jan. I have worked in Student Health for over 25 years so you could probably  safely say that I enjoy my job here at the University!  I enjoy the surprise factor of the job, I never know what I’m going to be confronted with and I would say that I’m never shocked anymore !  USW Health Service is part of the Wellbeing Team and I very much enjoy being part of the bigger team that supports USW students to have the best student experience possible.

  • Favourite film: Sister Act. It’s a comedy and also has some fabulous songs , it always makes me feel happy.
  • Favourite hobby: Gardening. It’s where I’m the most relaxed when I’m pottering in my garden.
  • Ideal holiday destination: anywhere in Italy.
  • Favourite karaoke song: LOL ... I would definitely not inflict my voice on anyone!