Would you like to meet new people or make new Friends?

November 7, 2017

We are launching a new Face to Face social group called FAN at Newport City Campus

FAN is a Charity that encourages friends and organisations to meet people in a spirit of friendship. Anyone who enjoys meeting others or who is lonely can attend their nearest group and be sure of meeting a new friend

FAN stands for Friends and Neighbours.
Who is my friend? Who is my neighbour?

Come to a FAN Group and you’ll meet new friends and neighbours and feel more hopeful for the world.

It’s a great opportunity for YOU to meet other people. Very few people know all their neighbours these days!

We have a new FAN group commencing on 14th November at Newport City Campus between 12 – 2pm – just come along to C17 to find out what it’s all about FREE LUNCH included

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