Medical Certificates for Extenuating Circumstances Claims

Medical certificates in support of extenuating circumstances claims can only be provided by medical professionals when there has been a significant health problem which is documented in the student’s medical records.
These certificates are not available on the NHS and are a private arrangement between you and your GP.
Most GPs who offer these medical certificates will apply a charge for this service. The cost will vary according to the each individual surgery.

Please refer to the extenuating circumstances page for further information and a copy of the USW Health Service guidance document regarding extenuating circumstances.

Medical professionals may only provide independent confirmation in support of a student’s case for extenuating circumstances if a medical professional has previously seen that student and there is a written record of this in the student’s medical records. This independent confirmation will be a statement of fact, derived from the medical records. It will usually only cover the period of time for which the student was being seen for that particular medical condition. It is up to the student to explain how their medical condition affects their ability to study.

The University Nurses/ GP are unable to provide medical evidence for extenuating circumstances for the following reasons (The list is not exhaustive and is for guidance only)

You have never visited the University health service to see the GP or Nurse previously and have not registered with the service

Prior or During exams you complain of any of the following
1. Panic attack
2. Hyperventilation
3. Feeling faint
4. Any acute illnesses prior or during an exam e.g. Nausea or Vomiting, Diarrhoea & Vomiting, headaches
5. Lack of sleep
6. Anxiety
7. Stress – for whatever reason
8. Relationship difficulties
9. Any non-serious accidents including travelling to an exam
10. Any other illness that you have not disclosed previously to one of the Nurses during a consultation including any mental health issues

Non UK students – these are in addition to any of the above listed reasons

1. Incidents of violence/ war occurring in your home country affecting family members
2. Health of Family members back home
3. Any Pre-existing medical conditions that you have had prior to arriving in the UK

You should follow the University guidelines for providing evidence for extenuating circumstances and obtain the evidence required from a more relevant and suitable source

Claims for “exam stress” are considered UNACCEPTABLE for extenuating evidence.

Whilst the USW Health Service appreciate that there are often other circumstances when a student’s ability to study is affected, such as a bereavement, a relationship break-up, or other stressful life events, we regret that we are normally unable to issue a medical certificate under these circumstances, unless these circumstances are such that they have led to a recognisable medical condition.