Health Costs

During your time at the University there may come a time where they need to visit a doctor, opticians or dentist, which can lead to certain costs. Please view the following regarding charges or discounts you can receive while being a student:

General Health Advice
The University has a Medical Centre based on the Caerleon Campus and a Health Centre on the Treforest Campus that provide free health advice to all students enrolled at the University of Wales.
Both Centres have strong links with local practices, where they help students register with a doctor while they are at university and living in the local area.

The Medical Centre on the Caerleon Campus works in partnership with Isca Medical Centre. Caerleon and has strong links with other local GP practices in the City Centre. You can register with Isca Medical Centre and some Newport City GPs at the Medical Centre , Caerleon.

On the Treforest Campus the Health Centre work in partnership with Ashgrove Surgery in Pontypridd and Llanedeyrn Health Centre in Cardiff to provide appointments with doctors at the University Health Centre in Treforest and Atrium in Cardiff. You can register with either of these Practices at the University Health Centre. Alternatively, if you are living and studying in Cardiff you can collect registration forms for the Atrium Health Clinic from the Advice Centre at Atrium.

Prescriptions at present are free to all residents in Wales including students, as long as you are registered with a doctor in Wales. For students who attend a practice in England there will be a charge for prescriptions, but support can be found through the NHS Low Income Scheme. Students from Scotland at present do not pay for prescriptions.

Students may find an illness can lead to them not being able to submit an assignment or attend a practical exam. If this happened they would need to provide a doctor’s note and an extenuating circumstances form. There is a charge for a doctor’s note and this is can depend on the practice used.

Both the Medical Centre at Caerleon and the Health Centre, Treforest can inform you of vacancies in local dentists in the area both NHS and private. As dental costs can be high, the NHS provide support for students through their Low Income Scheme. This form ,when assessed, can help students with financial support towards dental costs.

Both the Medical Centre, Caerleon and the Health Centre, Treforest can help students locate opticians in your local area. Sight tests, glasses and contact lens costs can be high, the NHS provide support for students through their Low Income Scheme. This form, when assessed, can help students with financial support towards optician costs.

NHS Low Income Scheme
This NHS Low Income Scheme is available for students who need financial support for the following:

  • NHS Prescription charges
  • NHS Dental Treatment, including check ups
  • NHS Wigs and Fabric Supports
  • Sight tests, glasses and contact lenses
  • Travel to receive NHS treatment under the care of a consultant

You can claim for the NHS Low Income Scheme at any time, and do not have to wait for the treatment to be carried out. Also you can claim for yourself, your partner and your children.
For more information please view the following link: NHS Benefits