We welcome feedback

We welcome feedback

We very much welcome your comments. Your ideas help us to improve the service we provide.

We aim to give you the best possible service but there may be times when you feel this has not happened. If you have a complaint about the services we provide:

1. Please speak with Sue Griffiths Nurse Adviser Treforest Campus or Senior Nurse Jan Griffiths Caerleon Campus in the first instance.

2. If your complaint is not resolved at this level please either write or make an appointment to see Gillian Jack, Director of Student Services, University of South Wales, Pontypridd, CF37 1DL, 01443 482080

3. If you are still unhappy and wish to take your complaint further the public body to whom all nurses are responsible is The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC ) 23 Portland Place, London W1B 1PZ 020 7637 7181

4. If your complaint is against one of the visiting nurses or doctors please follow points 1 and 2 above in the first instance. If your complaint is not resolved at this level we will put you in touch with the relevant Practice /NHS Trust who will have their own complaints procedures

We try to deal quickly with any problems that may occur.

Please refer to our Health Centre contact web page for opening hours and phone/fax details.

We have a comments and suggestions box in our waiting room on both campuses and from time to time a Health Service survey will be promoted on Unilife.

The feedback / comments below have been taken from two sources:

  • anonymously returned evaluation forms
  • “tell us how it is” cards left in the comments and suggestions box in our waiting room.

Actions taken as a result of feedback:

  • “It is difficult registering with a doctor in Cardiff”.

Action: We set up regular Atrium Health Clinics in partnership with a Cardiff GP practice.

Response to other comments/suggestions for improvement:

  • “3 Doctors should be available daily from 9am to 5/6 pm”.

Doctors are available in their surgeries during these times should you need to see them outside of the times they are available at the Treforest Health Centre and Atrium.

  • “The service is satisfactory, but I was thinking that some drugs should be available for students especially international students free of charge”.

Prescription medication is free in Wales but we are all as UK residents expected to buy medication for minor ailments from pharmacies.

  • “Contraceptive and GUM clinic here (Treforest campus)”

In Pontypridd contraceptive and sexual health resources are now combined into an open access walk in service on three days a week in Dewi Sant Hospital.

  • “GP registration times, if possible, to be extended to 16.00. As my case was just postponed due to lateness after 14.30”.

Registration times are limited to 10-2.30 due to the constraints of Health Centre staffing. Outside of these hours we do not have enough staff time available to devote to the individual new patient interviews required to register with a GP

  • “The service is a bit delayed as I had to wait beyond my appointment time”.

Sometimes this happens due to the nature of how GP services operate. Sometimes the doctor has to cope with emergencies which can arise during their clinics. Also some people who have booked appointments take longer than their allocated time

  • “Make the place bigger”.

The Health Centre at Treforest is bigger inside than it looks. People often describe it as being like a “tardis”. We feel it to be adequate for the services we currently run.

  • “House visits?”

GPs undertake home visits only when absolutely necessary for those people who are too elderly or unwell or to be able to get to the surgery to be seen. This maximises on use of GP time.

  • “A 24hr service as students always find ways of injuring themselves etc”

A 24 hour service is available in Accident and Emergency Units (A&E ) for this purpose.

  • “I find it very annoying if I have a small problem and have to wait a week to see a doctor”.

The University Health Service runs a walk in/phone in service with professionally qualified nursing staff. You can consult us anytime without an appointment to discuss a problem. We may be able to recommend treatment which would mean you would not need to see the doctor. If your problem was of an urgent nature we could organise a rapid access appointment with the doctor should the situation warrant it.

Positive Comments:

“The service I received was amazing. I was made to feel totally comfortable and was well informed”.

“I made frequent visits because of a long-term illness and the health centre staff could not be more helpful. Well done on providing such a valuable service”.

“Good advice received and I was seen quickly”.

“Thanks for fair services, specifically international students”.

“Excellent service”.

“The receptionist and doctors are all very pleasant and make the whole experience less nerve racking”.

“Nurse was very helpful, friendly and kind”.

“Receptionist and nurse are very kind and I enjoy their service”.

“Very useful to have information sheets given on treatments and services”.

“Happy with everything”.

“Brilliant, very helpful”.

“Most helpful staff”.

“Attention is superb as well as support”.


“I am grateful for your help”.

“We have to pay for prescriptions in England but here they are free”.

“Always glad to know you guys are on call”.